Why You Should Choose Natural Eyelash Extensions

Why You Should Choose Natural Eyelash Extensions

Natural Eyelash Extensions

New eyelash extensions can genuinely enhance the appearance of your eyes and are an excellent way to make your eyes look fabulous daily. Not all eyelash extensions, however, appear natural. Some women prefer natural-looking extensions that add extra oomph to the natural lash line. 

If you are new to natural eyelash extensions, it can be challenging to determine which lash extension style best suits your preferences. Consequently, many clients choose natural eyelash extensions for their initial set. These women wish to amplify their natural eyelashes and leave others wondering what has changed. But how does one obtain natural eyelash ? 

Do you need lash extension services? Lashes n’ More offers natural eyelash extensions. We guarantee that you will achieve the alluring look you desire, whether you choose classic, hybrid, or volume eyelash extensions. So, if you want to be the center of attention this holiday season, make an appointment with Lashes n’ More today!

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Natural Eyelash Extensions for a More Natural Appearance

In this guide, we’ll go through different ways you can beautify your lashes while achieving a natural look.

Choosing natural eyelash extensions with the same characteristics as your lashes is the first step in attaining a natural appearance. These characteristics include length, diameter, curvature, material, and color.


To achieve a natural appearance with eyelash extensions, you should add approximately 2 mm to the length of your natural lashes. If you think lengthening your 10 mm natural lashes to 14 mm will make them appear natural, think again. For instance, if a client’s natural lashes measure 10 mm, we would use 11 mm extensions. Remember that the extension should never be applied where the natural lash would touch the skin, at the base of the natural lash. Even if you choose an extension with the same length as the natural lash, this additional space will add a bit of length. Gluing wings to the skin is a standard error that will damage your natural lashes.


To achieve a natural appearance, match or slightly thicken the diameter of your natural lashes. Avoid extension diameters of 0.18 mm, 0.20 mm, and even greater thicknesses. For example, we will use the same diameter of 0.1 mm for a natural appearance if our client’s natural lashes are 0.07 mm thick.


natural eyelash extensions

Choosing lash extensions with a similar or slightly more pronounced curl would be best. Anything curlier could appear unnatural. For clients with a natural C curl pattern, we would use C or CC extensions for an everyday style. Spend additional time examining the curl of the natural lashes.


Eyelash extensions can be purchased with a matte or silky finish. Because they appear much more natural, we almost exclusively use flat lash extensions in the salon. Before getting your lashes retouched, verify that the previous stylist used the appropriate material.


Eyelash extensions are available in various hues. Black and brown are the most popular. However, more prominent colors like blond are possible. If you desire a natural appearance, you should select lash extensions of the same color as your natural lashes.

Classic vs. Volume Lashes: Which Is Best for Natural Eyelash Extensions?

Choosing between classic and volume lashes is one of the most important decisions you must make when creating a natural look.

Classic lashes are created by applying one extension to one natural lash, whereas volume lashes are created by using multiple extensions to one natural lash to create a fuller appearance.

Both eyelash extensions can be customized to create a natural or voluminous appearance. However, for new clients, we recommend classic lashes first. Classic eyelash extensions are ideal if you want a subtle effect while maintaining a natural appearance.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions involve the application of one synthetic extension to one natural lash. As a result, classic lashes appear and feel more natural than volume lashes. These are ideal for individuals with naturally long, thick eyelashes. The effect is subtle and adds length without significantly increasing volume or fullness. Below are several photographs of my clients with natural, classic eyelash extensions.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

For volume lashes, multiple synthetic eyelash extensions are applied to each natural eyelash. They produce a puffy effect that can appear more dramatic than traditional lashes. 

To achieve a natural appearance with volume lashes, you can experiment with two variables:

  1. Volume Fans 

We use between 2 and 5 extensions to create volume fans when creating a natural look with volume lash extensions. Volume fans with more than five extensions are possible, but the result will be more dramatic and less realistic. It will be necessary to reduce the diameter of the extensions used to construct the fan. 

  1. Space Between Volume Fans

The hybrid lash style is a beautiful compromise between classic and volume lashes. A hybrid set of eyelash extensions combines classic and volume extensions. Compared to volume lashes, the result is a fuller appearance that is still natural. Hybrid lash extensions give off a more dramatic appearance but are not as complete as volume lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Most Natural Eyelash Extensions?

The most natural eyelash extensions are B and C. Additionally, length and form play a role.

Do Hybrid Lashes Look Fake?

Hybrid lashes do not look fake if appropriately applied. They are the most personalized style currently available.

What are Russian Lashes?

Russian Lashes are synthetic eyelashes that are applied fan-like to individual natural eyelashes. As these synthetic lashes are lightweight and delicate, beauty professionals can apply multiple lashes to natural strands.

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