Eye-opening Facts About A Lash Lift

Eye-opening Facts About A Lash Lift

Lash Lift

Eyelashes are a collection of the body’s smallest hairs that grow around the edge of the eyelid. As a result, our eyelashes serve as dust collectors, shielding the eye from material that could block vision or cause infection or harm. In addition, our eyelashes act as sensors for items that come close to the eye, such as insects, and they cause a reflex and protective blink. 

But, eye protection aside, eyelashes are a great way to frame our facial features. So, even if you use a lengthening mascara, your lashes may require a boost from time to time. While lash extensions and falsies are always available, they are also far more challenging to maintain. Enter the lash lift.

A lash lift is a low-maintenance perm for your natural lashes. Getting

 a lift might be a solution to explore if you want to cut some time out of your morning routine.

To give you a solution to getting the best frame for your face, Lashes N’ More provides lash lift procedures offered by our team of lash experts. We believe that lifting your lashes can have a transforming effect on your appearance, bringing forth your most beautiful self.

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The Basics of A Lash Lift

  • Definition

The lash lift operation, which uses a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution, changes the shape of your lashes to their natural state. It’s not as scary as it sounds because your eyes are closed while the treatment is administered, but certain chemicals are involved. Therefore, the treatment should always be carried out by a trained and certified practitioner.

  • The Process Of A Lash Lift

Before any treatment can begin, a thorough consultation is conducted to identify the type of lash style you would like. Then, using the information you provide, your therapist will determine the appropriate curling rod size to shape your lashes.

Following that, your therapist will cleanse the eye area and apply a silicone rod to the upper and lower eyelids. Afterward, the natural lashes are curled over and bonded to the rod using an adhesive to hold the lashes in place. Next, the lifting lotion is administered after the therapist checks that everything is properly in place. This allows the lashes to mold around the curling rod, followed by the setting lotion, which sets the lash form.

Expect the entire process to take between 45 and 60 minutes. Many salons additionally need you to undergo a patch test 48 hours before your appointment to verify that you will not have an allergic response to the products used.

  • The Longevity Of A Lash Lift

Depending on how quickly your eyelashes develop, it will take a month to a month and a half to see noticeable results. You should refrain from wearing mascara for 48 hours following the treatment and leave your lashes untouched for the entire day. For 24 hours, no makeup or water should come into touch with your lashes to ensure that the lift is put correctly into form. Then you’ll be able to appreciate the treatment’s outcomes completely.

Once your lashes are in place, you can use cosmetics to keep them looking their best. It is recommended that you use lash oil after your treatment to maintain your lashes nourished and conditioned after they have been treated.

  • Compatibility of Lash Lift to Natural Lash Length And Color

According to Lashes N’ More Specialists, lashes can be long or short, but they must be at least 4mm in length to qualify for the procedure. They do, however, recommend getting a lash tint in addition to a lash lift. A tint will lift and darken your natural lashes, resulting in a balanced and effortless look for the customer who wishes to appear as if they just woke up with naturally long and lifted peepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Probability That A Lash Lift Might Harm Your Lashes?

A licensed and certified specialist can do the operation without harm as long as you wait at least six weeks between appointments. However, if the technician is inexperienced, you may end up hurting your lashes.

Is it Possible To Apply Mascara With A Lash Lift?

Fortunately, the short answer is YES.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to apply mascara to improve the lift that gives your lashes life, no matter what type of eyelashes you have. All you have to do is be selective about the type of mascara you use. Then, consider the technique comparable to that of a hair treatment session.

Is A Lash Lift Better Than Lash Extensions?

If you’re looking for a minor boost that you don’t have to think about or worry about, the lash lift is the best option. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that will last longer and add more length to your lashes (and don’t mind a little upkeep), eyelash extensions will provide you with what you want for your appearance.

How To Sleep After Getting A Lash Lift?

Aftercare for a lash lift is simple. When it comes to sleeping, you should make every effort to sleep on your back so that your lashes don’t become tangled on your pillow. If you wait 48 hours, your lashes should be set, which means there should be no constraints on what you can and cannot do with your lashes anymore.

Get Beautifully Lifted Lashes

Lashes N’ More offers lash lift procedures performed by professional lash specialists to help you get the best frame for your face characteristics. The appearance of your eyes is transformed by the enhancement and lifting of your lashes, which brings out your most beautiful self. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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