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Lashes Extension Services Bluffton, SC

Lashes Extension Services Bluffton, SC by Lashes n’ More

Lashes Extension Services

Many women seek and frequently see long, thick, and full eyelashes on the pages of beauty magazines. Unfortunately, not all are born with flawless lashes, and despite what you may think, many models and celebrities also fall into this group. You could ask yourself, “How come these gorgeous women seem to have great lashes?”  Lashes Extension Services Bluffton SC

Eyelash Extensions by Lashes n’ More are the solution! You can achieve stunning-looking eyes that will make you stand out in a crowd by using a unique adhesive to affix synthetic hairs to each of your individual natural eyelashes. Although some lash stylists sell lash extensions for cheap, you get what you pay for. In truth, lash extensions can be expensive. Don’t worry; once you’ve invested in yourself, the many advantages will soon remind you of your decision. In a good way, lash extensions can be addictive. You won’t want to change after getting the lashes. You will miss the lovely accent your eyes had when the lashes were on. Fortunately, you won’t be without for long. Give your certified Lashes n’ More Technician a call, and you’ll be ready to go.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is the home to Lashes N’ More offers Lashes Extension Services . We are experts in classic and volume lash extensions, lash lifts, and waxing . Healthy maintenance of natural lashes is essential to us. Because of this, we only utilize high-quality materials and the appropriate lashing method. We treat every customer as unique, and design custom lash looks for each individual based on their eye shape, lifestyle, and personal preferences. 

Eyelash Extension Services We Offer In Bluffton, SC

Lashes and More beauty services include:

Brow Lamination

Both ladies and gentlemen can benefit from brow lamination, especially if they have little gaps in their brows and want to give them a fuller, thicker appearance temporarily. Brow lamination includes employing a chemical solution to raise and straighten the hairs, giving them more flexibility to fit into the desired form and filling in any gaps or stray areas. The entire procedure, including consultation and therapy, lasts about 50 minutes.

Classic Lash Extensions

A major eyelash fad has been eyelash extensions. The traditional lash extensions were the beginning, and since then, different designs have emerged. However, traditional eyelashes continue to be the most preferred look. Because they produce natural results, are light on the eye, and, when applied correctly, won’t harm your natural lashes, classic eyelashes are the most conventional and well-liked form. Everyone can get them in an assortment of length, thickness, and curl types.

Lash and Brow Tint

It is painless to add color and form to the eye area by tinting the lashes and brows. However, the results of these tinting techniques can last up to three to four weeks and require an hour of your time. A professional will help you select the perfect colors to highlight your hair, eyes, and face while tinting your eyelashes and brows. Then, you only need to focus on unwinding throughout the straightforward method.

Lash Extension Removal

While a brand-new pair of eyelash extensions can give your natural lashes an entire appearance, after a few weeks, as your lashes fall out, they may start to look sparse. You can get them removed by a qualified eyelash technician rather than getting a redo or waiting for them to drop one by one. We ensure that natural lashes are not harmed by using products like cream and gel removers and techniques like the banana-peel method. A 15 to 25-minute removal service is provided.

Lash Lift

Without using any leave-on chemicals or extensions, a lash lift is an all-natural, semi-permanent technique that gives you the illusion of more prominent, thicker eyelashes. The natural lashes are thickened at the base, making them appear lifted and lengthened. If you have a lash lift, you won’t have to struggle with clumpy mascara or bothersome falsies. Additionally, you’ll have naturally thick, long lashes when you wake up every morning. Many people opt to have their lashes colored a darker shade to enhance the look. Consider it a perm for your eyelashes. The treatment should ideally be short and painless, leaving you with eyelashes you may flick around as glamorous as you like.

Volume Lash Extensions

Compared to the natural appearance, volume eyelash extensions add more length than volume. Therefore, the look of volume lashes is one of thicker, fuller lashes. The number of false lashes per natural lash varies from 2D to 6D or 2 to 6. Depending on whether the technician uses ready-made fans, it usually takes 2-4 hours. Volume lashes are fragile lashes that are fan-shaped before being applied to each natural lash (beginning at 0.03mm). This method gives you a dramatic look with unmatched fullness by adding up to 700+ more extensions to each eye.


Body hair removal with wax is dependable, affordable, and safe. In contrast to shaving, a good wax can prevent unsightly body hair for up to 6 weeks. In addition, waxing in your beauty routine can achieve radiant skin that feels smooth, clean, and fresh.

Why You Should Book Your Appointment with Lashes n’ More Beauty Experts

One advantage of getting eyelash extensions at a cosmetic salon is that the results are perfect. The extensions are available in a variety of colors and lengths. The lash artists will assist you in selecting lashes that resemble the ones currently covering your eyes. Professional eyelash extension services in Bluffton are convenient. Depending on the type of lashes you purchase and how skillfully your lash artist puts them, extensions can last for several months. Installation of lash extensions requires extreme caution, accuracy, and care. And for this reason, you must always rely on experienced lash designers. 

The Lashes n’ More experts have years of expertise, the best and most recent training, and significant knowledge. We also adhere to all relevant safety precautions and employ high-quality supplies and well-cleaned equipment. Lashes n’ More is a reputable lash salon in Bluffton, South Carolina. You may contact some of the region’s most skilled and educated lash artists right here. To discover more about our service features, contact us or click here.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do Lash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes?

Eyelash extensions won’t harm your natural lashes if the growth cycle of your natural lashes is well observed. Every lash stylist should be able to apply this core idea. The growth cycle of natural lashes is unaffected by wearing the proper eyelash extensions.

How Long Does Eyelash Extension Last?

Extensions will fall out following the standard six to an eight-week cycle of your hair development. Refills are advised every two to three weeks as a terrific way to prolong the life of your lashes.

Can You Put Mascara on Lash Extensions?

Yes, you can put mascara on lash extensions. However, volume lashes should not be worn with mascara. Only traditional eyelash extensions should be worn with mascara. Additionally, because waterproof mascara is difficult to remove, you should avoid using it on eyelash extensions.

Lashes n’ More of Bluffton, SC

Bluffton, the heart of South Carolina, is situated in the middle of Beaufort County. Bluffton is an ideal location for residents, guests, and businesses. Bluffton is also centrally located to other Lowcountry cities and Southeastern attractions such as Hilton Head Island, Beaufort City, Charleston, Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida.

The lifestyle of Bluffton’s coastal residents earned it the distinction as one of “the only true coastal villages in the South.” Apart from working, living, and playing within the natural resources of the Lowcountry, Bluffton residents pride themselves on their sense of community and non-conformist lifestyles. Often described as “eclectic,” the town is full of artists, art galleries, festivals, and parades. Bluffton is often referred to as a rebellious community. The reputation for the city began at its roots – literally. Bluffton was the center of the separatist movement in 1844. Robert Barnwell Rhett, a South Carolina congressman, spoke to around 500 people under a huge Oak Tree in Bluffton to protest against federal taxes and discuss other issues afflicting the South. This was the first meeting of the Secession movement that led to South Carolina becoming the first state in the Union to quit the Union in the year 1859. Bluffton continues to bear the same tree.

Lashes n’ More Also Serves Hilton Head, SC.

It’s time to slow down and make it easy to live in Hilton Head. The barrier island of 42 square miles is usually home to wealthy clients. However, you don’t have to hurry to keep pace. Pay attention to the speed of the locals. They’re Gullah descendants who have freed enslaved people who settled the area. There are also East Coast mainlanders who call Hilton Head their second home. Most people visiting Hilton Head will be retired people (thanks to the top fairways) and families with young children (thanks to the clean beaches). This may not be your place if you’re searching for an exciting nightlife scene. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no nightlife. It is there mainly as a leisurely night-time dinner and live entertainment on the waterfront. In short: If you’ve visited Hilton Head, you’ve come to relax. Lashes Extension Services 

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