How Do I Get The Most Natural Eyelash Extensions?

How Do I Get The Most Natural Eyelash Extensions?

Natural Eyelash Extensions

Natural eyelash extensions have their science that goes beyond simply putting long, curly, and high-quality fiber strands to your natural lash line to create thick, full eyelashes that draw attention to your eyes. However, professional lash extensions are required to achieve beautiful eyelashes, and only a skilled or wealthy artist would know how to choose the best lash extensions for you. Therefore, many search for natural eyelash extensions rather than dramatic lash styles.

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How to Get Most Natural Eyelash Extensions

Below are the steps to getting the most natural eyelash extensions. After getting lash extensions, you must take extra care to maintain them and keep them healthy without harming your original lashes.

1. Perform Research

Before making an appointment, it’s crucial to do your homework and take some time to choose the best lash-extension technician. Please do your internet research, and look at their website and social media pages to see what reviews and experiences they have. It is worthwhile to spend a few more hours researching to find the best artist to install the lash extensions because they can last up to two months.

2. What Kind of Look you Need

If you’re getting eyelash extensions for the first time, we advise choosing the classic style because it will result in extensions that look the most natural. One lash extension is put using this procedure to one natural eyelash, making it slightly longer and thicker.

For your first time, stay away from fan and volume applications unless you’re courageous and want the effect of strip lashes. If you wish for natural eyelash extensions, consult with the artists so they can choose the best set for you.

3. Know the Material

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There are two main options for choosing the best materials: natural or synthetic. Although mink lashes and real hair have a natural appearance, they are readily deformed when exposed to heat and water. The artificial lashes are lovely to purchase and will stay longer. You might obtain the most natural-looking lashes with synthetic lashes as well.

4. Take Care of your Eyelash Extensions.

Your eyelash extensions require special maintenance, and the duration of their use varies from person to person. They might endure for up to 4 to 6 weeks, but they’ll become a little more dramatic.

Take extra care of your eyelash extensions to extend their lifespan or get the most benefit from them. For 24 hours following application, avoid contacting your eyelash extensions wet. Additionally, brush your lash extensions after each cleaning carefully and use a decent lash cleanser to clean them daily.

5. Consider the Length, Color, and Curl While Choosing Natural Eyelash Extensions

You must select the color, length, and curl of your eyelash extensions. You’ll probably choose a traditional or hybrid pair for the natural appearance. You might make an exception if your eyelashes are thin. Anything overly prolonged will come off as phony.

Choose eyelash extensions in the B and C range for the most natural curl. If you often curl your lashes before mascara, try combining C and D lashes. By mixing up the types of lashes, the effect will appear the most natural. Natural eyelashes grow longer as they move outward and are shorter in the inner corner of the eye. On the other hand, exaggerating this trait could give the appearance of dramatic cat eyes. Even though it suits different eye shapes, it rarely appears natural.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Size of Eyelash Extensions Have a Natural Appearance?

If you want to put lash extensions that are longer than your natural lashes, which range in length from 3 to 15 or 18 millimeters, make sure the lash extensions are thin to prevent problems with lash growth.

How can I get the Most Natural Eyelash Extensions?

Keep your volume lash extensions smaller; you should not use more than five lashes to get the most natural-looking lash extensions. Although traditional lashes (like these L Curl lashes or classic C Curl lashes) are a safe bet, try adding some flair with a natural-looking volume set!

Who Should Not Get Eyelash Extensions?

Avoid getting eyelash extensions if you have an adverse response to adhesives or cyanoacrylate adhesive. If you haven’t had chemotherapy in the past six months or don’t have any natural eyelashes, you might not apply for eyelash extensions. For lashes that grow into the eye, lash extensions are not recommended. If you have an infection or an eye disease, you

cannot attach eyelash extensions to your eyes. If you usually sleep on your stomach, think about switching to your side or back. You might rub off your eyelashes if you sleep on your face.

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Eyelashes?

Your natural lashes shouldn’t be ruined by lash extensions at all. However, using extensions might cause damage to natural lashes! To keep the beauty and health of your natural lashes, remember the following: Do not pull or rub your eyelash extensions.

The Best Eyelash Extension Salon 

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Natural eyelash extensions fit in with your lashes to give you more appealing eyes without harming them. Choose eyelash extensions with the appropriate length, curls, materials, and thickness if you don’t want them to look doll-like or artificial.

Since getting the ideal eyelashes is so challenging, only Lashes n’ More professionals with extensive experience should be able to assist you. We’ll make sure you leave our eyelash extension salon with lovely eyelashes. So don’t wait any longer – contact Lashes n’ More today!

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